About APAA

Alagappa performing arts academy
Alagappa Performing Arts Academy (APAA) is focused on developing structured learning programs to enhance comprehension of the quintessence in performing arts. It is an integral part of the Alagappa group of Institutions based in Karaikudi and Chennai, TamilNadu, India that caters to the need of primary, secondary, undergraduate and post graduate students with a comprehensive program of educational courses.

In its maiden venture, APAA designed a comprehensive curriculum in performing arts with focus on Bharathanatyam, vocal and instrumental music to demonstrate the repertoire of culture that is imbedded in these classical arts. From an overview of the various art forms in India, to their rudiments, to clearly depicting the exquisite language of gestures, postures and rhythmical delivery, a student is guided through the various phases of these intricate arts with text books that concisely explain its relevance. Interactive DVDs vividly describe the precise execution of these arts. These valuable learning aids enhance the comprehension and make this a constructive exercise for students to understand the depth and versatility of these arts.

In this venture APAA has focused on preparing a structured learning program for the study of Vaasthu Science, which essentially deals with the science of the architecture and tells how a building should be planned to channelize the positive energy in our lives. The proper implementation of Vaasthu techniques has long brought peace and prosperity to many households over the centuries. Though Vaasthu initially started out with the construction rules for Hindu temples, it soon branched out to residential houses, office buildings, vehicles, sculpture, paintings, furniture etc. The science of Vaasthu is mostly based on directions and the building materials used.

In collaboration with Dr BRB Olimuthu, Director of the Vaasthu Science World Research Centre, an experienced exponent of Vaasthu Sastra, APAA has developed comprehensive detail aids to elaborate on this science. Well researched scientific techniques using advanced instruments and tools such as Electro Magnetic Tester, Energy Scanner and Negativity Detector etc. are used to identify the exact nature of defects and accordingly suggests the remedial measures.

Dr BRB Olimuthu has altogether given a new dimension to the science of Vaasthu and introduced for the first time in the world two new concepts of Vaasthu: Medical Vaasthu Science and Medical Vaasthu Therapy. Through his research he has found out that flow of negative energy in a particular direction will cause a particular health problem. While Medical Vaasthu Science deals primarily with the flow of energy and subsequent health discomforts, Medical Vaasthu Therapy deals with ways of balancing the energies by creating avenues for the flow of more positive energies.